Mio ALPHA Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor


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Mio ALPHA Bluetooth Smart Watch

Heart Rate, Reinvented

ALPHA is the world’s first strapless, continuous heart rate monitor you can wear on your wrist. It has been tested accurate with continuous heart rate monitoring at all performance levels — all without a chest strap!

Before Alpha, the most common way to get an accurate heart rate continuously while exercising was to wear a strap around your chest. With Alpha’s innovative technology, the world of heart rate monitoring will be changed forever.

ALPHA Technology

  • ALPHA is intuitive, with just two buttons and only the most essential features:
  • Continuous heart rate display
  • User-settable heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts
  • Data review (total exercise time, average heart rate, time “in zone”)
  • Timer
  • Clock

For other functions such as speed, distance, pace, GPS, etc, use your favorite smart phone app. Alpha uses Bluetooth Smart technology to work with all compatible smartphones and other fitness devices.

Why is ALPHA important?
Heart rate monitoring is useful and beneficial to athletes, helping them optimize their training, control their intensity level, and preventing over- and under-training. But not only is it useful to athletes, it should play a significant role in your everyday life as well. Wearing a heart rate monitor while you exercise can help you reach the intensity level necessary to maintain your health and achieve your fitness goals. With ALPHA on your wrist you can make the most of your effort, maximizing your workout and minimizing your time.

How does ALPHA work?
Two light beams and an electro-optical cell “sense” the volume of blood under your skin. Because the blood volume pulsates in the rhythm of the heart, so does the signal from the electro-optical cell. This signal is processed by an advanced electronics circuit and passed on to a highly specialized computer program that is embedded in the Alpha.


  • Silicone soft strap
  • Negative dot-matrix LCD
  • Tri-color led heart rate zones
  • Secure Snap Latching system
  • USB charging dock with magnetic alignment
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless transmitter
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery