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Heart Monitor for iPhone and Android

A guide to choosing the right heart monitor for your smart phone.

Do you run or workout with your smart phone? Adding a heart monitor can turn your phone into the ultimate training partner. You will have all the necessary tools right at your finger tips: heart rate data, speed/pace/distance (phone's GPS), music, and an endless number of fitness apps (most are free) to choose from.

Whether you have an iPhone 4S, iPad 5, Galaxy S III, Droid RAZR... it can be confusing to figure out which heart monitor is compatible with your device. Use this as a guide to choosing the right heart monitor for your smartphone or tablet.

Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th gen), iPad (3rd and 4th gen)
Samsung Galaxy S III, new Motorola Droid RAZR, Windows 8

    Technology: Bluetooth Smart

    Heart Monitor:

Apple iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd gen+), iPad (3rd gen)
*If you are not sure what type of iPhone you have, click: Here

    Technology: ANT+ Key

    Heart Monitor:

Android, BlackBerry, Windows

    Technology: Bluetooth

    Heart Monitor:

Nike+ SportBand, Nike+ SportWatch GPS, iPod nano (5th gen+)

    Technology: 5 kHz transmission, transfers data into the Nike+ system

    Heart Monitor:


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