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Polar Equine

Polar Equine

With advancements in heart rate sensing technology, Polar horse heart rate monitors (HHRM) offer a complete line of equine products for horse fitness, well-being and sports performance.

If Your Horse Could Talk….

He might tell you that while you’re having a great ride, he really isn’t. In fact, he’s not feeling well at all and has a touch of colic coming on. Or she might say that while you’re ready to push on after cresting that last hill, she needs more rest. The heat is really affecting her. By monitoring your horse’s heart rate during exercise, you can listen to what his body is telling you and understand how the ride is affecting him.

Benefits of Horse Heart Rate Monitoring:

- Monitor Vital Signs for Safety
- Ensure Proper Warm Up and Recovery
- Track Fitness Improvement
- Measure Training Intensity

Horse Health, Fitness, Performance

From the recreational horse owner to the equine professional, all have a vested interest in their horse’s health and welfare…..whether it’s the family pet or the filly favored to take the Triple Crown. Polar HHRMs provide instantaneous and continuous feedback on your horse’s heart rate, letting you know how he is doing during exercise or recovery, and while at rest. The latest Polar HHRMs are accurate and reliable, simple to use and are wireless, allowing freedom of movement between horse rider in any discipline or training environment. Polar competition models allow exercise session download to computer for review and analysis.

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