BodyGlide Chamois Glide


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Just For Cycling!

Chamois Glide is unmatched. It applies from a stick directly to the chamois, short, and to the skin. Chamois Glide actually penetrates skin and stays where it is applied. Once on, it feels dry. And rarely do cyclists need to stop and apply more. Until now, products for saddle sores have been butters and creams applied by hand and that feel wet. Some cyclists describe them as riding in a wet diaper. Worse - during a ride, it is not unusual for cyclists to stop, squeeze more butter or cream into their hands, apply it, and need to wipe it off their hands. This is because butters and creams are made from a combination of petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, and water. The products move away from where they are applied, and some evaporate. The difference is in the formula....the advanced formulation based on the BODYGLIDE line of products used in sports around the world. Instead of petroleum oils, lanolin, and water - the ingredients are plant-derived waxes specially blended to help protect skin against the effects of rubbing, such as from bike chamois and shorts.

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