Garmin Quick Release Kit Bike Mount to Wrist Cylcing Training Forerunner 910XT


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Garmin Quick Release Kit Triathlon Transition Accessory for 910XT Sports Watch

If you are making the investment to buy a Garmin 910XT watch, it would certainly be worthwhile to spend a few extra bucks and get the Garmin 910XT quick release kit. It will shave time off your transitions. No more messing around trying to attach a watch band to a bike mount and no more rolling your wrist in the triathlon bars to get a peek at your watch metrics. The Garmin 910xt quick release kit is faster in the transitions, safer because it keeps your hands on the handlebars and could not be a better complimentary accessory to what is already the best triathlon watch going. This accessory is a great addition for ultra runners and cyclists too.