TriggerPoint Performance Solid CORN Roller - Grey

TriggerPoint Performance

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TriggerPoint Peformance Solid CORE Roller Grey

For active people, taking care of your muscles before and after a workout is key to a happy and healthy body. The TriggerPoint CORE™ Roller works to relieve tension or pain in the muscles by breaking up knots and increasing mobility through a multi-density surface pattern. The high-density EVA foam, combined with the grid-like pattern, delivers moderate compression while ensuring minimum discomfort. The high & firm and tubular sections of the pattern work like fingers and fingertips, with the low & flat portion works like the palm of a hand to give you kneading motion of a deep tissue massage. It’s also the only solid surface roller on the market to channel blood and oxygen while you roll.

The CORE Roller is available in two different sizes, which are based on different areas of concentration. The 18-inch CORE’s size allows easy repositioning during exercise to support a wide variety of massages and mobility routines, while the 36-inch CORE is best used during yoga, Pilates and recovery exercises as it provides stability to roll large muscle areas and support the spine. Both sizes support up to 325 lbs.


  • Available two lengths: 18- inch and 36- inch
  • Only solid foam roller with multi-density pattern to promote blood flow to increase circulation and enhance mobility
  • Foam surface makes cleaning easy
  • Constructed with high-quality foam and superior design that will not breakdown after repeated use