Withings Aura Smart Sleep System


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Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

The quality of your sleep is as important as the quality of your day. Track and monitor your sleep and wake up at the appropriate time within your sleep cycle using the Withings Aura. Considering we are asleep about 1/3 of our lives, it's important to gather your sleep data in order to increase your health and well being. The Aura Sleep System utilizes your smartphone, a contact-free sleep sensor and a bedside device to track, monitor, sooth and wake you.


  • Track your nights sleep for comprehensive data analysis
  • Light and sounds programs withing the bedside device facilitate transitions into sleep and gently wake you at the best time of your sleep cycle
  • Dedicated power nap programs help you recharge your mind and body
  • Smart WakeUP function adapts the timing of your wake-up program to your biological clock using data recorded by the sleep sensor
  • The sleep sensor lies beneath your mattress and is highly sensitive, in order to monitor your body movement, heart rate and breathing cycles thoughout your time asleep
  • The bedside device analyzes your bedroom environment including temperature and light levels to note any degradation of sleep quality due to your surroundings
  • Automatically syncs data to your smartphone for analysis in the mornings. You can view the different stages of your sleep and any key quality indicators (* Works with iOS)
  • Aura comes with a lamp that dims, high quality Hi-Fi speaker and USB port for phone charging. Intuitive touch design
  • Connect Aura with your Nest for ultimate comfort while saving energy, the Aura with automatically alert the Nest to change to the ideal temperature to promote sleep

What's in the Box:

  • Aura Bedside Device
  • Aura Sleep Sensor (for one person)
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide